A self-professed late bloomer who only started his professional bodybuilding career in his 30s, Augustine Lee has more than made up for lost time. Now in his 60s, this legendary International champion remains at the top of his game with over 20 titles under his belt. At 58 years young, he won Gold at the 2012 LA Championship Men’s Masters in the US, beating competitors at least a decade younger. An unstoppable force, Augustine went on to compete in the Arnold Amateur Men’s Masters in the US, coming in 3rd place in 2013 and 6th in 2014.

Highly regarded in the fitness industry in Singapore and abroad, Augustine has established himself as a successful entrepreneur, a certified Asian Bodybuilding Federation coach and Special Populations personal trainer (American Fitness Professionals & Associates), as well as a speaker and competition judge.

In January 2017, Joan Liew — his long-time business and training partner — became the first Singaporean to be awarded the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro card. This prestigious honour reflects Augustine’s deepest desire — and his unique gift and legacy — to channel his invaluable wisdom and experience as a champion to creating and nurturing other champions … not just for the gym or competitive stage, but for life.

Meet Augustine Lee

A giant of a man with the tenacity of a warrior and the gentle soul of a zen philosopher, this is Augustine Lee in the raw:

What first inspired you to embark on bodybuilding not just as a successful career but also a way of life?
When I was young, I sketched out my vision of what a man should look like: muscular, symmetrically balanced, and strong. I was inspired by America’s Jack Lalanne — also known as the “Godfather of Fitness” and the “First Fitness Superhero”. I watched him on black and white TV doing jumping jacks, and admired his physique and the way he spoke so confidently about fitness.